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About Me

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Early Life

Musician, singer and songwriter Ed Wayne lives in Manitoba, Canada. An original country music performer, Ed Wayne remembers receiving his first guitar when he was thirteen years old. He became a very ardent country music fan at an early age and remembers listening to his parent's records by the likes of Johnny Cash, Doc Watson and The Louvin Brothers. It wasn't long before he bought recordings of his own favourite performers such as Don Williams, Alan Jackson and Waylon Jennings to name just a few. After high school Ed joined a band with a couple of musician friends. They called themselves True Grit, just just like the John Wayne movie. "Playing music was always a very large part of my formative years." Ed recalls "playing in Church and many talent nights in school." Fast forward to another few years and another band was born. Branded Free, named after a song Ed wrote while in the band, would prove to allow Ed to exercise his song writing skills as well as sing some great country gospel songs.

Musical Beginnings

After some time, love came calling, and Ed married his sweetheart Patsy. Wanting to make sure he could support his family properly, Ed decided to get a University Degree in Computer Science. After receiving his degree from the University of Manitoba Ed started performing with some friends. Soon he was performing almost every weekend. Ed Wayne has entertained audiences in southern Manitoba for a number of years, playing at fundraisers, local parties and fairs. His first album Waitin' for a Whistle was released in 2013. In 2015 and 2016 Ed received a Male Artist of the Year nomination from MCMA (Manitoba Country Music Association). His current album entitled Something Sweet was just released in 2018.

Off Stage

In addition to being a performer, Ed is a father to his three children and a husband to his darling wife. "My wife and I are very blessed to be able to live this dream together. She loves to act and I love to sing. We've been married since 1991 and it's been the best decision I've ever made."

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